Welcome to Herbal Secrets !!

Since the day we started, we are committed to bringing you the gift of authentic herbal supplements in their purest form, just like mother nature intended. We offer over 100 all-natural herbal products including potent herbal extracts, organic herb powders, cold pressed oils and more.. without the use of artificial additives, fillers, or preservatives. Herbal Secrets ensures the integrity of our products by selecting the best raw ingredients from around the world, responsibly grown and sourced, and producing them in our high standard, GMP compliant manufacturing and distribution facilities right here in the US.


We are a family-owned company whose roots originate in India, where the ancestral practice of using herbal remedies and natural oils played an important role in our everyday lives.

The wisdom of using herbs for healing and well-being has been passed down from generation to generation. Traditional practices such as coconut oil being applied onto the body to promote healthy hair and skin is a part of a daily routine. Every household taught the value of the haldi (turmeric) and tulsi (holy basil leaf) as a natural antioxidant.


Our passion for healthy living has been ingrained in us from the very beginning. Now let us share this lifestyle with you, so that you can benefit from all the healing that nature provides and the botanical powers of Herbal Secrets.  

“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided in nature, the Challenge of science is to find it.” — Paracelsus



Herbal Secrets believes in the empowering, awe-inspiring abilities found in the natural world around us. From the beginning of time, humanity has looked to the herbs, flowers, and flora directly accessible from the environment and extracted the medicinal properties to sustain themselves and survive. We believe in herbal remedies that remove toxins from the body, aid in digestion, support healthy brain function, and restore peace of mind. The wisdom and generosity of plants have always been there for us, and the right relationship of curiosity and respect allows us to tap into their amazing resources and reveal their healing secrets.



We attest to health as a state of body, but wellness as a state of mind. We believe that all the elemental forces of nature are seen within human beings and must be in balance to achieve optimal health. More than symptom management, we believe in the prevention of disease, the rejuvenation of our body systems, and the enrichment of our lives. Holistic approach encourages the use of natural herbal remedies along with exercise and meditation to help boost the body's natural healing abilities and ensuring that the mind body and spirit are in perfect balance.


We believe in choosing natural food-sourced vitamins over synthetic vitamin isolates because everything that nature makes is pure without the additives or preservatives. Synthetic vitamins are manufactured by companies using industrial chemicals and solvents which are known allergens and toxins. While cheaper and easier for machines to make, we believe synthetic vitamins may not be the best choice for your body.


We are proud supporters of ‘Vitamin Angels,’ a non-profit organization focused on combating childhood malnutrition around the world with the help of vitamin supplements. We give generous donations to ‘Vitamin Angels,’ allowing them to deliver life-changing vitamins to children in need.